Her second book, Team Work, was released in May 2016 and is a multicultural, bi-lingual children’s picture book; which she published herself. The target audience of this book is preschool to 4th grade. Her children’s book is filled with diversity and teaches the skill of collaboration through the game of soccer. Ms. Truitt indicated that the inspiration for this book was derived from all of the hatred going on in the world today; which she wishes did not exist. Her hope is that, both, children and parents receive the positive message in the book.

Author Tina Truitt likes to write books based on real life situations. Although both her books are fiction, they appear to be non-fiction because they mimic real life events. She has plans to release a sequel to her fiction novel, Steppin’ On, in the very near future and she plans to continue writing more children’s books.


 Tina Truitt holds a Bachelors of Arts in English from William Paterson University and a Master’s in Education with a Reading specialist certification from The College of New Jersey; where she graduated summa cum laude. Ms. Truitt is a 17 year veteran teacher who currently teaches third grade and resides in southern New Jersey with her three children. When she is not writing she looks forward to spending time with her grandsons. She enjoys reading, loves to travel and interact with positive new people.

Tina is the CEO of TMT Publishing. LLC, a member of Kappa Delta Pi; the international honor society in education, and a member of the International Literacy Association.

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