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Updated: Jun 4, 2020

Hi All,

I just wanted to share my transition from writing a novel (one of the hardest things I have ever done) to writing a children’s picture book. The journey for both books required much work, detail and attention.

My first novel, Steppin’ On, received much buzz and feedback. People wanted more. I left the ending of the book open so that my readers would have to use their imagination and wonder what happens to my main character, Sabrina and her two children. I plan on writing a sequel to the book but not for at least another year. (I know….what suspense!) I decided to switch gears a little and write a children’s picture book (which only makes sense; since I am a preschool teacher). Although this process is not as easy as you may think it to be; it was so rewarding. So much so that I am going to write more children’s books. Don’t worry my anxious novel readers…..I will write the sequel to Steppin’ On.

Since also taking on a different genre I have taken on the challenge of publishing my own books and so I now am the Founder and CEO of TMT Publishing. I am elated to have my own publishing company; for this was something I spoke into existence back in college! (I myself just remembered this a few weeks ago and was in awe and of course I cried! I have the tape somewhere to prove it and if I don’t I have several witnesses that heard me say it on the stage at William Paterson University during a Ms. Sable pageant in 1993!) lol God is so good!!

Working with an illustrator for the first time was a new experience but very enlightening. I went on a website and found many illustrators and had no idea who to chose! It almost felt like an interview process. I narrowed it down to about three but then one stood out from the rest! I quickly became familiar with book and printing jargon because I had not a clue! My illustrator came with a great amount of experience and a wealth of knowledge about picture books and printing. He was my teacher during this process. I need to say that at times I felt like I was falling behind in class. I expressed to him upfront that I wanted him to use his own creativity when illustrating this book. I only had a few requests. We had a great working relationship and halfway into our book venture I discovered he was a graduate of TCNJ! That’s where I went to graduate school. I was excited that we had something in common (other than the love of books). I still have lots to learn about the picture book world but I’m a teacher and former cheerleader (from many years ago) so I say……bring it on! I plan on collaborating with my illustrator for many books to come. He knows how to bring a book to life! Since I work mainly in a Hispanic community I thought I would make my book bilingual. I sprung this on my illustrator half way through the book. He took the charge and did not complain about my last minute call. Needless to say, the book looks awesome (if I say so myself) thanks to the help of my illustrator; Jim Rosanio! My book, Teamwork, will be available in April 2016. Check back for the exact release date.

Please stay tuned for future blogs. I will be sure to keep you all updated on my writing journey.

Happy Reading!

Tina Truitt

TMT Publishing P.O. Box 2942 Cherry Hill, NJ 08034

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