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Summer Fun

Hello all:

I haven't reached out in a while because my summer has been busy. As an author who is serious about their craft; there is always work to be done! When I'm not writing, I am always thinking about what needs to be done and planning how to get it done. The life of a writer consists of not only writing, but thinking, proofreading, editing, blogging, marketing, networking, doing book signings, etc..... I have spent the first month of the summer doing everything but writing. It sometimes is difficult to say that you will spend the summer writing when you have a full schedule. The writing has to get done and it will.

So, let me share with you what I have been doing. (other than toting my kids all around to gymnastics, work, cheer, spending time with my grandson, etc..) I kicked off my summer with a book launch party for my new children's book. It was fantastic! The kids had so much fun with the face painting, balloon caricature, food, games and give-a-ways. Oh, did I mention, everyone there was treated to free ice cream from Mr. Softee. :)

Several weeks later, I was given an opportunity to be a guest on 'Healthy Lifestyle with Eraldo.' I spoke about my books, upcoming events and gave a little background about myself. It was a new experience for me, but definitely a fun one! Eraldo and I had more of a conversation on set. Beforehand, we laughed and talked about our families and what was going on in our lives. I had a handful of emotions running through me that day. Afterall, I have never been in front of a t.v. camera! It was a wonderful experience. My segment on the show will air on Tuesday, July 26, 2016 at 11 a.m. on WMCN-TV 44. (If you live in south eastern PA, southern NJ or Delaware check your local listings to find out what station that is. You can also see the segment on You Tube. Just type in 'Healthy Lifestyle with Eraldo,' my name: Tina Truitt and the topic: Promoting literacy through easy reads. I hope you will tune in!

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